DLP Solution supporting effective alternative to prevent accdent outflowing personal info. and confidences

■ Necessity of Inducting WWPIS

ㆍ The obligations of technical (encryption) protection of Personal Info.

 - Private Act.(Article 23, paragraph 3) had been being on from 2011, Sep, 30

   - DLP System supposed to be structured to pretect personal info. from modulation, outflow, embezzlement

ㆍ When Violating the obligations,

 - Anybody who modify, outflow, embezzle, damage personal info. not taking the obligations

            for securing personal infomation.

 - A fine not exceeding ten million won or imprisonment for not more than two years


■ Major functions of WWPIS 

1. Search the personal info. in Personal Computer

2. Manage the Personal info. in Local HDD as a an Encryption/Isolation.

3. Support 'Vitual linkage' of personal Info.

4. Manage personal info. by Approval

5. Delete the personal info. permanantly(Cannot be restored ever)

■ Advantages of WWPIS

Exported Personal Info. by Portable Media 

Exported Personal Info by E-mail

  ㆍWhen Exporting the files from PC to portable media, 

     it searches personal info and alrams.

ㆍ When atteching the file through Email, 

     it searches personal info and alrams.

  ㆍSupport viewing the personal info by clicking the result.

ㆍ Support viewing the personal info by clicking the result.

Export through Printer 

Support Searching history of 

outflowed(or tried) files

ㆍ When printing documents, it searches personal info and alrams.

ㆍ It shows history of outflowed(or tried) files as a 

    report function

1.  Keep the obligations based on Private Act. by operating WaterWall

2.  Block the outflow of impotant personal info from PC and motivate employees about the security.

3.  Not only the possibility of internal outflow is thoroughly eradicated but also "system availability" is maximized.

4.  Support a standard of making effective policies about the confidence and managing data.

5.  Encrypt the confidence and data through PC Secue Drive