instroduction of WWSAS, Security Approval Systems.

■ Necessity of WWSAS

ㆍ Approval System for Export of WEB, Portable media, CD

ㆍ According to 'Information leakage prevention management guidelines', the users who is under the rules of 

    restrictions can export the files only through the Approval.

ㆍ Email Alram for authority and requester.

ㆍ IT Compliance

Only Security Manager should do is Monitoring(Lower burdens for tasks)

Major Sercurity Policies are progressed according to Corporate Approval Flow

Support Web-based interface system which is familiar to users

■ The purpose of WWSAS

ㆍ In the past, Policies had to be managed by Console Program(Security manager)

 - Tasks of Security manager Increase

 - Because it might be possible that Security manager does not have enough knowledge about System.

⇒ Support easy functions for manage through Approval System. 

■ Expected Effects of WWSAS

1. Decrease the Managers's burdens of tasks that they have to operate

2. It combins Security with Flow of company's tasks so that people motivate themselves about Security in common life

3. When exporting laptops without authority, it blocked use of it to prevent Data leakage