If WaterWall is not installed to PC having IP which WaterWall must be installed, WWscan blocks accessing Internet by the PC.

Also, it shows "Install Induction Web Page" containing the reason and how to install WaterWall through the Web Browser.

(Security manager can modify the contents of it.)

After Installing WaterWall, Automatically it is allowed to access Internet.

If there are registered Exception IP and Important Server IP, it is not blocked.

■ Reason to introduce WWscan

ㆍ Block using internet through PC which have no WaterWall Program so that block illegal outflow by PC without WaterWall

ㆍ It blocks Accessing Internet and show Introducion Web page to let users install the WaterWall Cleint.

ㆍ If the security program is incapacitated by users, WWscan blocks Internet Access after that time and it forcely induces 

    Installation of WaterWall. so it helps preventing illegal outflow.

■ Major functions of WWScan

1. Block Internet through PC without Security tools and induce installation of Security tools

2. Block Internet-Access when the security program is incapacitated by users.

3. Block Internet through PC without Security tools and induce installation of Security tools,

     It shows you the reason and guide on your screen through Web Browser.

4. Automatically, it will be allowed to use internet as soon as users install WaterWall.

5. Support Exception Option - By registering IP as a Important Server and Block exception.

■ What you can expect to WWscan

ㆍ Unknown IP telecommunication(IP printer, Server, Etc..) which is internal communication is not blocked by WWscan 

    so it minimize the possibility of disturbing the job. When communicating external network, 

    WWscan block only "HTTP" communication so also it helps to solve Network failure.

ㆍ After Blocking HTTP protocol, it shows "Page of Installation Induce" and natually induce installing WaterWall.

ㆍ Because of Same Developer, There is a lot of availability to operate system and develop interlocking for PC Security.

 - Guide messages for not installed PC

 - Statics of PC trying to access internet

 - Avaliability for other variety of related functions