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We, Waterwall Systems Co, LTD., are the dedicated company endlessly developing ourselves to be top of 

the DLP system for the "Total Internal Infomation Outflow Prevention System".


WaterWall software(Called as "Protector") is "Data Loss Prevention system(DLP)" to help CEO and Security manager 

who concern illeagal outflow of company's confidence. It controls, unlike DRM or other PC Security tools, 

not only data and data user but also its creator and manager who have the authority to access data so 

it is best Security system to block/prevent the illeagal outflow of confidence by controling the flow of internal data.

The security technique based on WaterWall(Protector) System is already registered as a excellent patent in Korea, USA, Taiwan. 

Also, we are registering improved patent continuously and have partnership with amazing company domestic & overseas by waterwall software

We, dedicating ourselves to be Professional Security Solution Developing Company, 

are devoting toward the top of the world with one way, one mind of 

everyone and we are all in this together.

We, Waterwall Systems Co, LTD., will soar towards the world, please keep your eyes on us.

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