The main reason of outflow!?


  According to the results of research, 86%of outflow accident is by internal person(inc. resigned person).

  Internationally, 61%~70% of accident is by same as above. 

  It shows us that it is top priority to control outflow by internal user.

The Path of outflow accidents!?


After the research about the main reason of illegal outflow, 

as it is expected, USB memory and Ext.

HDD is rated with 57%of total outflow.

Over the half of total outflow is through USB, Ext. HDD

and E-mail is 23% 

the other all like Local HDD and Print is taken as 20%.

It shows us that outflow by portable media is often tried as well as 

grown portability of removable storage.

Therefore, The company or enterprise should be aware of it and 

do their best for Internal Information Security.